Trip To Australia 2015

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In June John flew down to Australia to take a look at the Longhorns which are now wandering around down under.

This is the third year of visiting Richard & Elizabeth Gunner to see how their new Longhorn enterprise is developing. Richard has been buying embryos and semen from our Blackbrook Herd to establish a herd of Longhorns in Southern Australia to produce ‘quality’ meat to sell to restaurants, and through his butcher’s shops at a premium above his Aberdeen Angus.

There are now 30 month old, 18 month old, and calves on the ground. They have had to endure extreme heat and a more challenging grazing regime than would be expected in the UK. So far so good.

While John was there he saw the first cross bred meat (Angus/Longhorn) being sold as ‘Heritage English Longhorn’. The first customers for this product are finding it to be more succulent and tasty than the pure bred AA. Again so far so good.

John was also able to see the first ‘Blackbrook’ Longhorns born in Australia as we now own cattle registered to us Down Under.

Pat Stanley