Specialists in longhorn cattle breeding


The Blackbrook herd was established in 1989, following a desire to start a beef suckler herd and the decision to go for the Longhorn breed arose from the historical connections within the Stanley family, the breed’s enormous appeal, the desire to utilise a true native breed and its legendary docility.Our first foray into the Longhorn world was at the Parc Grace Dieu production sale at Monmouth in August 1989. Three members of our family came up with the same selection, an animal which later was to make the record price at the sale. Obviously fate had taken a hand that day and we eventually travelled home with our first two purchases, two cows with heifer calves at foot. From then on we were completely hooked by this fascinating breed, Longhorns had got us both under their spell.

We have always been very selective in our purchases and very ruthless in our culling. We have been lucky to have owned and to still own, some of the best females to have been bred in recent times. Animals which have come from the vintage years of certain herds and which are leaving us with consistently good offspring, outstanding beef qualities and solid foundations for the future.

Stock bulls have been chosen with great care and are leaving behind traits of size, power and strength, together with good udders and milking ability. This is something which as a breed we must not overlook and which is a tradition we at the Blackbrook herd hope to continue.

Blackbrook Longhorns are now a familiar site in the show ring and we are very proud of the success the cattle have had to date. It is also very rewarding to see our stock out in the show ring with other breeders, gaining great success in their hands too. The herd has come a long way since those pioneering days in the 1980s and our ambition is to continue to produce top quality Blackbrook Longhorns that are adding to, improving and founding, new herds throughout the UK and the world.

Blackbrook Longhorns – raised and grazed in Leicestershire.